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Aki Sasamoto

Aki Sasamoto is a young New York-based performance artist whose work is a surreal cycle of tragicomic vignettes that combine distorted everyday objects (elongated forks and wooden clogs with knives built into the soles, for example) with lectures on pseudo-mathematics and reminiscences on childhood memories.

In this video she is performing Love is the End of Art (2009) in collaboration with British artist, writer and musician Momus at Zach Feuer Gallery. While Sasamoto performed her own sequences of actions, Momus stalked her, playing both the roles of the art critic and the unrequited lover.

Sasamoto will be performing in the Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art (February 25 – March 30).

In the following video, produced for the Biennial, she muses about the formal and physical relationship between chikuwa (a type of cylindrical fish cake), donuts and the body—ideas that may inform her work-in-progress for the exhibition.

Update (February 25)

The New York Times has uploaded a video of Sasamoto in her studio, talking about and performing part of Strange Attractors, her piece for the Whitney Biennial.

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