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Art Space Tokyo: An intimate guide to the Tokyo art world

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It’s Almost Ready

Those of you who followed our fundraising campaign in April saw that we ended up climbing to a sum much higher than our original goal of $15,000.

To our amazement, we hit the $15,000 mark after only two weeks, and pledges continued to pour in over the remaining three weeks of the fundraising period.

On May 1, we reached an astonishing total of $23,790, which is allowing us to go ahead with a full second print-run, as well as develop the iPad version.

We are profoundly grateful the 265 backers who made this possible.

Over the past month, Craig and I have been mailing each other back and forth, fixing up a few missteps in the original, and polishing the book’s editorial and design.

The 2010 edition of Art Space Tokyo is at the printers right now and will be with you soon…

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Art Space Tokyo is a 272 page guide to the Tokyo art world produced and published by Craig Mod & PRE/POST.

It was originally published in 2008 by Chin Music Press.

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