Art Space Tokyo: Tokyo art guide

Last chance to:
- get your name in the book as a backer
- pick up a limited edition silk-screened print
- order a Nobumasa Takahashi original drawing or
- get a personalized day tour of the Tokyo art world


A month ago we didn't know if Art Space Tokyo would be reprinted. We even thought the prospect of raising $15,000 was a stretch. But thanks to your overwhelmingly generous support we were proven wrong, and are now more inspired than ever.

If you've been on the fence about picking up this new hardcover edition, now's your chance.

This mail is a reminder that there are only three days left to get involved with the project. And we wanted to be sure that everyone who wants to take part in our community publishing experiment has the opportunity to do so.

The files are heading off to the printer in early May, and we expect to have the books finished and shipped by the end of June.

If you know of anyone who may want to take part in this project, please pass along the url:

Thank you again. We've very much looking forward to shipping you the hardcover reprint and launching the iPad edition!

Warm greetings from Tokyo and New York,
Ashley Rawlings (editor and co-author of Art Space Tokyo)
& Craig Mod (designer, co-author and publisher of Art Space Tokyo)

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