Art Space Tokyo: Tokyo art guide
New update, reprint and iPad edition!


Art Space Tokyo is collaborating with Kickstarter, an up-and-coming internet startup, to conduct an experiment in community-funded publishing.

Kickstarter is all or nothing: If we cannot secure at least $15,000 in pre-orders by May 1st, printing will not go ahead and you will not be charged.


Art Space Tokyo is a beautifully produced hardcover guide to the Tokyo contemporary art world. This 272-page book introduces twelve of the city's most architecturally and historically distinctive galleries and museums through interviews, essays, maps and illustrations.

The book features detailed two-color maps, dozens of illustrations, a sewn in bookmark and a two-color silk-screened cloth cover.

Its original print-run of 1,500 copies has been sold out for more than a year. However, demand has remained very high, so we bought back the publishing rights and are independently reprinting and producing it ourselves.

Secure your copy of the limited reprint here: By pre-ordering on this Kickstarter page you are giving us invaluable support to continue pushing forward on this project.

The money raised from these pre-sales will fund the extended hardcover print run and also a beautiful iPad edition with additional content.

As we said above, this is all or nothing. If we don't receive the minimum $15,000 in pre-order pledges by May 1st, the project doesn't happen and you aren't charged.


By contributing, you take an active part in the publishing process and help define the trajectory of niche cultural projects such as ours.

And please help spread the word on Twitter and Facebook using this url:

Thank you in advance for your support.

Warm greetings from Tokyo and New York,
Ashley Rawlings (editor and co-author of Art Space Tokyo)
& Craig Mod (designer, co-author and publisher of Art Space Tokyo)

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